Gabriela – Paper Flowers Australia



Oh, Gabriela! You are a beauty. Lilac, mauve, violet - every shade of purple is blended beautifully in this stunning arrangement.

We love the punch of colour that is Gabriela. She is sweet and reserved, yet bright and cheerful, ready to adorn any room. She is the perfect bridesmaid bouquet or gift for that someone special. Gabriela is made from handmade paper roses in different styles and shades of purple. A black and white anemone adds a punch of contrast while the green foliage softens the look.

Each flower is made by hand using sustainably-sourced mulberry paper. Each petal and leaf is cut, pressed into a mould and then coloured by hand. Paper Flowers Australia practices ethical supply, sourcing all of our paper flowers from either international social enterprises or locally-based artisans.

This bouquet measures approx. 25cm in diameter.