My name is Claire and for the past four years I have been the proud owner and creative mind behind firstly The Paper Florists and now Paper Flowers Australia.

My love and curiosity for paper flower artistry began over 10 years ago during my travels to Thailand and Japan. However, in 2008 when my boyfriend (now husband and father to my beautiful children) hand-made me a gift of origami roses for valentine’s day I knew that my passion for paper flower artistry had not diminished.

Inspired and wanting to continue with my passion for paper flower artristry for our 2010 wedding at the picturesque Peat’s Bite on the Hawkesbury river we decided on a paper wedding theme with paper flower bouquets, hanging cranes and other paper artistry. 

In my search to expand my knowledge and skill in paper artistry, my designs began incorporating unique paper mediums and techniques from different parts of the world. I love the many ways paper can be manipulated to create different looks and effects.From the structured look of specialty Australian cardstock, to the natural realistic feel of Thai SAA paper and soft romantic feel of flexible European doublet crepe, there are so many options to create beautiful artwork.

My magical paper touch and styling has allowed me to create an extensive portfolio ranging from the intimacy and personal nature of a beautiful wedding to the public forum of large installations for Shop-fronts, Restaurants, Shopping Centres, PR Companies and the Fashion Industry with décor and props for high-end fashion shoots.

My beautiful sister Nicole is the newest addition to the team. With her attention to detail and mutual love for paper artistry she helps us expand our services to Western Australia and taking on the role of managing our soon-to-launch Etsy online shop.

Paper Flowers Australia showcases our beautiful pre-made flower range on offer to our customers, available for immediate dispatch while still maintaining the quality and beauty of paper flower artistry.
As a creator I am constantly pushing the boundaries and creating new pieces so there will always be something new and fresh to pique your interest.

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