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Why Paper Flowers Are Better Than The Real Deal

We get asked all the time, "why would you choose paper flowers over real flowers?" And let's be honest, it's a fair question. For most people, the idea of paper flowers is a new one. They've grown up with the concept of giving a loved one a fresh flower bouquet or having freshly cut flowers in their home. But a change is here and in this blog we take a look at the top reasons paper flowers are better than the alternative.


Paper Flowers Last Forever

Let's start with an obvious one - your paper flowers aren't going to start dropping leaves over your kitchen bench after a few days and die within a week or so. Real flowers aren't cheap and, if you're anything like us, it doesn't feel right not having flowers in the home so buying a new bouquet every 7-10 days only to have them start wilting is frustrating. All Paper Flowers Australia flowers will last years if not left in direct sunlight and given a shake off every couple of weeks for dust. They will keep your home looking bright and welcoming 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The Season Doesn't Matter

We all have our own specific flowers that we love, maybe it's a flower your grandma grew when you were a kid or maybe it's a flower from your wedding day (more on that later), whatever the reason, waiting around for the season is not cool. Paper flowers are always in season and will stay in season, no matter the time of year or the temperature outside.


Recreate Something Special

It seems like every second day we are contacted by someone (usually a husband) wanting to have a wedding bouquet recreated from paper flowers. It's an awesome first wedding anniversary idea, being a paper theme, and it's a great way to show you've put a lot of thought into the present. Maybe you are wanting your child's birth flower created or a special bouquet for a loved one, the opportunities are endless and really only limited by your imagination. Here at Paper Flowers Australia we love working with customers to create a special bouquet designed just for them or their loved ones. If this is something you'd be interested in, get in touch with the friendly team today.

Perfect For Corporate Installations

Whether it's a size issue of real flowers, the colours just aren't vibrant enough or it's because they won't last as long, there's a whole bunch of reasons paper flowers are better suited to corporate installations. We've worked with leading brands to help bring their creative visions to life with paper flowers. From shop windows to fashion shoots and major installations, we can do it all and in any volume so get in touch with the team today and let us put a quote together for you.


Our Flowers Are Eco-Friendly

At Paper Flowers Australia we are super environmentally conscious and that's why all our flowers are made from eco-friendly SAA paper. We source flowers from around the world that not only give our customers what they need but meet the levels of environmental awareness that we expect. 

So tell us, why do you love paper flowers over their natural cousins? If you'd like to discuss a custom order or had any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

August 03, 2018 by Jolene Ogle
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