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The Perfect First Wedding Anniversary Gift

Congratulations! Your first wedding anniversary is almost here which means you have made it through one year of wedded bliss. If you’re stuck for gift ideas, tradition is here to give you a helping hand.

Every wedding anniversary milestone is associated with a specific present, which our good friend Wikipedia tells me has been in place since the Middle Ages.

Paper is the gift of choice for the first wedding anniversary. It is said to signify a “clean sheet” so the two of you can write your own story. How sweet! On a grimmer note, it also signifies how easily a marriage can be torn and that you are yet to stand the test of time. Yikes. No doubt a bespoke paper flower replica bouquet of your partner’s bridal flowers will help get you to wedding anniversary #4 (which is conveniently fruit & flowers!).

We source only the best quality flowers that are either made in Australia or within an international social enterprise. Being eco-friendly is our top priority so only sustainably-sourced paper is used and there are absolutely no plastics used.

We can recreate almost any style of wedding bouquet including Australian native plants and the very popular protea. We use a range of paper flower artisans to find the best match to the bridal bouquet.

The nitty gritty – our paper flower bouquets are a likeness of the original bouquet. To try and achieve the best result possible, we will match the original flowers to paper flowers as best we can.

We source paper flowers from only the best paper floral artisans from around the world. This allows us to pull flowers and styles from a huge range of makers to offer you the best possible match to the original bouquet.

Replica bridal bouquets start from about $190 (depending on the size and style) and can take from 4-6 weeks to create, so get in early! If you’ve left it to the last minute, that’s ok! We can send you a small rose with a card letting your significant other know something special is on the way. Alternatively, we have some pre-made flowers on hand so we can perhaps create a likeness for you. 

If you want to get started or find out more, email our team at and don’t forget to include some photos of the bouquet you want to replicate and the date of your anniversary.

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