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Make Your Wedding Pop With Paper Flowers

You’re getting married! Yay! I don’t know about you, but I found the planning stages of the wedding just as much fun as the big day. You’re in an exclusive club now where you can finally try on those over-the-top dresses and taste all the cake you want. Yippee!

Paper flowers wedding


Whether you’re wanting an elegant affair with a sit-down five-course degustation or a relaxed boho inspired get-together with friends, there are so many decisions to make. When we were planning our wedding, we started with plans for a simple ceremony in the historical court house of Brisbane but ultimately created a sweet backyard wedding with all our friends and family.


There are just so many exciting decisions to be made and you’ll be surprised with where the wedding trail will lead you. When it comes time to choose your flowers, you may not have thought of paper flowers.


We (obviously) think paper flowers are the perfect choice for your big day and for a number of reasons! From brides who are conscious of their impact on the world around them to those who want something unique and bespoke, paper flowers are the perfect choice.


Eco-friendly Flowers

Our gorgeous blooms are all made by hand from paper that is sustainably-sourced. Mulberry Paper is a traditional, handmade paper crafted from the bark of the mulberry tree – so no trees are harmed in the creation of our stunning blooms.

 Paper Roses

The paper is handmade and the flowers are hand crafted. Each bloom is made with love and care by a team of artisans who operate in a social enterprise. Funds generated from the order of your flowers helps fund women who need financial independence. How great is that!


Forever Flowers

As soon as a flower is picked, it begins to die. So sad, right! But with paper flowers, your bridal bouquet can live on. Pop it on your dining table as a constant reminder of your special day. The good news is, even if you decide not to choose paper on your wedding day, we make amazing replica bouquets for your first wedding anniversary (which is paper, by the way).


Is there anything paper flowers can’t do?

July 30, 2019 by Jolene Ogle
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