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Go Green With A Sustainable Wedding

Gone are the days of a gaudy wedding with bling, taffeta and balloons galore as more and more brides and grooms create intimate, eco-friendly weddings.

The bridal industry is undergoing a revolution with couples ditching wasteful weddings for more environmentally-aware celebrations that are as good for the natural environment as it is for your special guests.

Many venues offer eco-friendly options and brides can source sustainably-made gowns, thoughtful keepsakes for guests (like those adorable cards made with seeded paper) and locally-made food and drinks that help the local economy and reduce food miles.

The last frontier? Flowers.

We’re not going to throw shade at the cut-flower industry because we love flowers, too! Instead, we’re going to highlight why paper flowers are the best option for the brides and grooms of Australia wanting an eco-friendly option on their big day. 

Why paper flowers are the best! 

  • Our paper flowers are made from sustainably-sourced mulberry paper with not a scrap of plastic in sight,
  • You can order your flowers ahead of time, making them perfect for destination weddings or surprise weddings,
  • Want a peony in the middle of winter? No problem, you can choose flowers that are out-of-season,
  • Paper flower bridesmaid bouquets (or hoops, or corsages) are the perfect “thank you” gift for your bridal party,
  • After your bid day, you can enjoy your flowers for years to come! Pop them in a vase on your side table and enjoy happy memories every time you look at them!

If you have already had your wedding and are now kicking yourself that you didn’t have paper flowers, don’t worry! The first wedding anniversary gift is paper and we LOVE making replica bouquets for brides. Find out more here and get busy hint-hinting to your loved one.

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